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The ROLLPICK PRO F consists of an unrolling device and a disconnectable hitch.  The hitch can hands-free be disengaged from the unrolling device and catch a bale with the two 40 mm diameter forged tines.  A bale stop on the hitch allows a good positioning of the bale into the unrolling device.  The tines area easily guided into the unrolling device and by lifting the machine, wide skid is released from the weight of the unrolling device and latches the hitch automatically.


  • ROLLPICK PRO F has an innovative patented self-locking device SAFELOCK; the disconnectable hitch will automatically latch and unlatch the unrolling device when the wide skid leaves or touches the round; when the machine is lifted, two pins will automatically lock the unrolling device to the hitch, making transport safer.

  • Rear 3-point linkagae Cat 2

  • Welded linkages loader Euro or mx

  • Bolted linkages

fiches_Suire_ROLLPICK_F_2 (1).jpg
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