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Drainage & Trenching

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Available For Hire

We offer a full drainage service, whether its a full drainage scheme, laying pipe and cable or a single run to drain a wet area.


Our Shelton CT150 trencher allows us to trench up to 1.5m deep and from 145mm to 320mm wide.


All trenches can be filled with gravel using our Herbst gravel trailer and the soil reinstated with a front mounted blade.

Our TWB Magic Mole mounted mole plough allows us to offer mole drain services, providing that valuable link between the rain falling and water being ferried into the land drains effectively.  We can also use this machine as a method of installing small diameter pipes quickly and with minimal disruption or environmental impact. The Magic Mole is available for hire.

Over the years field drainage systems becomes inefficient due to the build up of ochre, silt and course plant roots.  Regular and proper maintenance of land drainage systems is essential to keeping the soil in good condition.  Using hydraulic systems to ensure effecient and safe working, the Drainjetter provides drain jetting under high pressure without damage to drain pipes or soil structure.  The SS2104 Professional Drainjetter is available for hire.

Available For Hire

Drain jetter.jpg
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