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Mole Plough


Magic Mole mounted mole plough 


To keep land drainage system running well, clear ditches and working land drains are an important requirement, but without regular mole draining water cannot find it's way into the land drains.  

Mole ploughing is also a method of installing small diameter pipes quickly and with minimal disruption and environmental impact.


Sumo GLS


Drain Jetter

Drain Jetter 2.jpg
Drain jetter 5.jpg

S-S 2104 Professional drainjetter 

Over the years field drainage systems become inefficient due to the build up of ochre, silt and plant roots.  Regularly maintained and cleaned field drainage systems are important to achieve an early sowing and long growing season. 


The S-S professional drain cleaner provides the very best in drain jetting under high pressure without damage to drain pipes or soil structures.



Dump Trailer

Bale Trailer

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