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In a growing context of environmental protection reduce your chemical usage with the



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  • Perform several operations in one pass:
    - mechanical weeding of crops
    - breakage of surface
    - aeration of the soil and warming of soil


  • Each rotor is 540mm diameter with 16 star tips in the form of spoons on a 20mm disc

  • Two different working widths, 6.3m and 9.3m

  • Working depth of 2cm

  • High working speeds up to 25 km/h

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  • Each rotor is mounted on an independent 26mm steel arm coupled to a 30mm shaft.  The rotors are dampened by a spring which applies pressure; this arrangement allows a rotor to overcome an obstacle without disturbing neighbouring rotors rotors and adapts to the uneven ground

  • The rotors are arranged in staggered rows to allow a better pass on the plant residues and avoid any blockage by stones.  Their 87mm spacing ensures uniform skimming over the entire width.

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