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STACKPRO 7200 / 5400  & TSR 3450

Both models of the Stackpro series are trailers that allow the collection and stacking of square bales for farmers wanting to maximize the time spent on logistics throughout the year. Their robustness allows them to endure the most extreme conditions and can handle almost all types and sizes of bales.

The only difference between the two models STACKPRO 7200 AND STACKRPO 5400 is its size, so the number of bales you can carry. Their high speed also ensures smooth transitions, easy transport and stacking of bales. In addition to the productivity achieved by these trailers, they also save investment, save time and save labour.

The TSR3540 is a self-loading bale carrier enabling you to pick up and carry square bales quickly and effectively. Completely remote controlled from the safety and comfort of the tractor cab.  The rugged frame and steel bed will support wet and dry bales.  The adjustable bale clamp allows you to load different size bales.  

Features and options

  • Tandem axle makes for stable and optimal performance of the machine

  • Designed with lubrication-free pivot system for moving parts, the Stackpro7200 is virtually maintenance free.

  • Two rear clamps support the complete weight of the load when lowering down the stack and retrieving bales

  • Unique adjustable self-loading heavy duty clamp capable of handling bales up to 1100 kg (2400 lbs) without damaging twine.

  • Fully electronically control panel, weighs bales and total load.

  • High floatation tires

  • Rugged frame and steel bed supporting wet and dry bales

  • Hydraulic unloading and stacking system.

7200 Loading capacity - square bales

3'x3'x8' (90cm x 90cm x 2.4m)        27


4'x 3' x 8' (1.2m x 90cm x 2.4m)      16         

4'x4'x8' (1.2mx1.2mx2.4m)              10

5400 Loading capacity - square bales

3'x3'x8' (90cm x 90cm x 2.4m)        18    


4'x 3' x 8' (1.2m x 90cm x 2.4m)      12


4'x4'x8' (1.2mx1.2mx2.4m)                8           

Click the video to see the STACKPRO 7200 in action >>>

TSR 3450

D.Clifford & Sons TRS3450 Anderson

  • Adjustable self-loading arm tubular round-shaped designed for bale net protection

  • Hydraulic unloading system

  • Tandem axle

  • Rugged frame to support wet bales

  • High flotation tires for low compaction

  • Full charge indicator


Loading capacity - Round bales

4' (1.2m)                                 X

5' (1.5m)                                 X

5' extension                            X

Loading capacity - square bales

3'x3' (80cm x 90cm)               19

4'x3' (120cm x 90cm)             14

4'x4' (120cm x 120cm)            7

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