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SUIRE offers an optional patented automatic adjustment controlling the income of straw on the bedding system in order to obtain a regular spreading. A high supply of straw on the bedding device immediately slows down the unrolling. The regulation is automatic. Furthermore, this system saves straw and time and prevents from straw piles to be formed and from areas remaining unspreaded.


  • The bedding device motor is driven together with the unroller device. The rounded teeth do not project stones which could injure animals or damage buildings.

  • Standard manual regulation of unrolling speed.

  • optional hydraulic rotation is recommended to ensure a uniform and over 180° continuous bedding, even between 10 and 14 m in one pass

  • folding of the bedding system in a vertical position stops the rotation of its rotor.

  • optional hydraulic folding is very helpful to avoid obstacles.

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